• Transparency, Reliability
    and Competence

  • Many years of Experience and Passion
    in the stone sector

  • The stone between tradition
    and innovation

SITEM’s success is the result of a long standing, solid Experience that has made Excellence its business model. Our approach is based on the core values of Transparency and Fairness, thanks to which we have established and maintained important, consolidated business relationships on the world marketplace.
Quality Materials
For more than 10 years, we have managed our extraction operations by selecting high quality materials from the most important extraction basins in the world. Our team of experts personally examines the blocks, often at the source, to ensure a constant flow of gemstones.
Besides the extraction of many varieties of stones from our own quarries, our company has very efficient and well organized internal facilities to manage the entire production cycle under one roof, cutting and shaping blocks for polishing and finishing slabs, until the sale of our stocks through our network of sales representatives, operating on an international scale.

Marble block Processing

Marble cycle life from mining to factory

Marble mining
Marble is currently being obtained from open cast quarries or from underground quarries.
Marble is usually cut using multiwire for large blocks and block cutters for irregular blocks.
Once the corresponding finish has been applied, the slabs will be ready for display or will go directly to packaging.
The dressing machine operator dresses the marble block from all the sides for removal of natural defects.